Life on Digital Detox – Things to Do When You Unplug

When was the last time you spent a few hours completely disconnected from the digital world? If you have been spending more time working on your computer or using the Internet, it may be time for some digital detox. Making a conscious effort to unplug for at least an hour or two every day is one of the best things you can do to improve your wellbeing. And you might be surprised on how much you can accomplish when you set aside some time away from your smartphone or mobile devices. With a seemingly endless list of things you can do while offline, here are some of the many fun ways to make the most of your time.

Explore outdoor activities


Step outside and leave your gadgets behind. Explore outdoor activities that you can do on your own or with family and friends. It could be as simple as doing some stretches or yoga in your backyard. Or you can go for a walk in your neighborhood or at the nearest park. If you exercise regularly, you can use the time to do it outdoors instead of heading to the gym.

Take up an outdoor sport


Join an outdoor sports club. Find out if there is a walking, running, or hiking group in your community. This is a great way to socialize, meet new people, and enjoy face-to-face conversations. It is also an opportunity to broaden your social network and build personal or professional connections.

Read a book at the library or somewhere cozy


Unplugging gives you more time to catch up on some reading. Grab a book and head out to a cozy café or a shaded area in a park. Or you can visit a library near you and read to your heart’s content.



Volunteering is another great way to make best use of your device-free day. Look for volunteer opportunities in your community. You can also check for non-government organizations that may need help for certain projects.

Learn the art of doing nothing


Sometimes disconnecting is a chance to simply enjoy being busy doing nothing. You can use the time to rest your mind and body. This may be the best thing you can do to deal with the stress that comes with the things that keep you busy every day.

bread making

Intensify Your Home Baking Experience

Sometimes, we come to realize that life is getting more complicated no matter how we tried to simplify it.  As things are getting digital and so easily complicated, which is an ostensible contradiction, we need to unplug and unwind to have a peace of mind.   We need to achieve the inner strength and self-confidence that we desire.  We just need peace and calmness.  This is one of the greatest delights when you are baking at home.  Intensify it more by creating more delicious and nutritious loaves for your family and friends.

Before you indulge more into the depth of home baking, visit the as it can help you choose a durable bread machine that can serve you best. You can freely bake your loaves anytime you want and you can invite your friends to experience the good taste of your creations.  A simple get together in your backyard garden can work out relationship and strengthen friendships.   Some would say that being at home is boring that they need to explore the woods and tread difficult trails. Well, that’s one way of reconnecting to the real meaning if life. But we should not forget that there’s no place like home. Spending wonderful moments with your family is such a gratifying experience that can give meaning to your free time. Baking at home can make you unwind and forget the harsh realities of life. It can keep you calm and relaxed.

If your heart lies in bread making, then make it more worthwhile.  Share the healthy goodness of the freshly baked bread not just with your family but with your friends as well.  This way can spread your greatest love for baking and perhaps you can inspire your friends to bake too.  A wonderful conversation over your homemade tasty bread and steaming hot coffee can mend broken relationships and keep the bond stronger.  This is one of the good things that happen to those who bake. You have the best opportunity to gather people and share the flavourful freshly baked loaves.  You just have to bake and make everyone happy.

bread making

Bake with love. It’s the best ingredient for home baking. For sure, you will be producing bread and rolls for hearty snacks.   There is inexplicable joy in baking if you bake with a happy heart.  It can give you a more fantastic time with your kids in the kitchen.  Introduce them to the healthy ingredients of your bread and surely they will love your creations more and more.  Experience the rising mountain with deliciousness.  Take time to bake, break away from the usual routine of life, and bake with a happy heart!


Perks Of Doing Chores Outside Your Home

In today’s digital world, doing chores outside your home is needed more than ever.

Here are some reasons why:

  • Staying inside the house all day, especially in front of your computer or your mobile phone, is more dangerous than getting yourself wounded from running all over your backyard with your pet dog. It will make your body too idle and too dependent of indoor surroundings, to the point where you will have difficulty moving around – even when it comes to small things like getting the remote control from the other side of the room – and adapting to other kinds of surroundings.

mowing the lawn

  • Doing chores, especially outside your home, is now considered as a form of exercise. You don’t need to go far, to the gym, or to the park just to keep yourself fit and healthy. All you need to do is be willing to sweat and give your best as you do when working on something you truly love. Washing the car, mowing the lawn, making your own treehouse, and cutting down loose branches from that old tree in your backyard are only few examples of what you can do – and yes, while keeping yourself fit and healthy.

Planning to cut down that loose branch from an old tree in your backyard this weekend? Check out this chainsaw buying guide for more tips, tricks, and advice.

  • Try asking a millennial. He/she might even tell you that ’90s is still one of the best times of his/her life. That’s because the fun and the thrill of kids when playing games or doing chores outside with family and friends back then is incomparable than just staying at home and burying themselves with video games and the likes. Aside from that, it helps your body become more active and more ready for just about any kind of physical tasks or heavy chores you’ll be doing in the future.

Rethinking Social Media Consumption


Social media, like many things in life, is a double edged sword. It has its share of the good and the bad. It allows people to stay connected, builds borderless relationships, and serves as a tool for communication and learning. On the flipside, over exposure and too much social media consumption lead to some negative effects. It can influence your mood, diminish focus, and may even make you less mindful of what is happening around you. If you need reasons to manage your social media consumption, here are some of the good ones you may want to consider.

Nothing is as private as you may want it to be. Privacy and security are increasing concerns for people using social networking sites. Not everyone is tech-savvy enough to know how to tweak their social media accounts to enable strict privacy settings. But even this may not be enough for cyber criminals or crooks who are determined to steal critical data such as personal information, credit card or bank account details.

Adds “noise” to your life. The endless online chatter can distract you from the important things. You are essentially adding more noise to your life with the huge amount of information and communication you are bombarded with every single day. Unless you need that extensive scope of chatter in your line of work, learning how to manage your digital life can do wonders to your concentration and focus.

Limit face to face engagements. One of the reasons why some people want to beat social media addiction is that it curtails personal and more meaningful interactions. While being a power user of social media can expand your online network, you could be missing out on the value of connecting with others at a more personal level.

Leads to a more sedentary lifestyle. Another valid reason to give up social media is how it could become a hotbed of physical inactivity for you. As you immerse yourself to the whirlwind of online activities, you gradually settle into a more sedentary lifestyle. Spending too much time checking your social media accounts, posting updates, commenting to friends’ posts, and more can take up a lot of time. This could eat up the time you could otherwise spend on exercise or other physical activities to stay fit and healthy.

Steals time away from what’s meaningful to you. Getting caught up in social media can steal precious time away from what matters to you most. It means giving up time you could otherwise devote pursuing what you love or doing the things that will help you realize your dreams.