Day: September 6, 2016

Rethinking Social Media Consumption


Social media, like many things in life, is a double edged sword. It has its share of the good and the bad. It allows people to stay connected, builds borderless relationships, and serves as a tool for communication and learning. On the flipside, over exposure and too much social media consumption lead to some negative effects. It can influence your mood, diminish focus, and may even make you less mindful of what is happening around you. If you need reasons to manage your social media consumption, here are some of the good ones you may want to consider.

Nothing is as private as you may want it to be. Privacy and security are increasing concerns for people using social networking sites. Not everyone is tech-savvy enough to know how to tweak their social media accounts to enable strict privacy settings. But even this may not be enough for cyber criminals or crooks who are determined to steal critical data such as personal information, credit card or bank account details.

Adds “noise” to your life. The endless online chatter can distract you from the important things. You are essentially adding more noise to your life with the huge amount of information and communication you are bombarded with every single day. Unless you need that extensive scope of chatter in your line of work, learning how to manage your digital life can do wonders to your concentration and focus.

Limit face to face engagements. One of the reasons why some people want to beat social media addiction is that it curtails personal and more meaningful interactions. While being a power user of social media can expand your online network, you could be missing out on the value of connecting with others at a more personal level.

Leads to a more sedentary lifestyle. Another valid reason to give up social media is how it could become a hotbed of physical inactivity for you. As you immerse yourself to the whirlwind of online activities, you gradually settle into a more sedentary lifestyle. Spending too much time checking your social media accounts, posting updates, commenting to friends’ posts, and more can take up a lot of time. This could eat up the time you could otherwise spend on exercise or other physical activities to stay fit and healthy.

Steals time away from what’s meaningful to you. Getting caught up in social media can steal precious time away from what matters to you most. It means giving up time you could otherwise devote pursuing what you love or doing the things that will help you realize your dreams.