Day: August 17, 2017


Productive Things to Do Instead of Browsing Your Social Media Accounts

Did you know that an average person spends almost two hours on social media every single day? Take note that it’s an “average person,” and not someone who’s addicted to using it.

If you think you’re going too far with your social media activities, then you need to stop and do something else. A sedentary lifestyle isn’t good for you, you know.

So, instead of browsing your Facebook, Instagram, and other social media accounts, why don’t you do the following?

  1. Write.

    Writing is an excellent way to have some quiet time with yourself. Sometimes Facebook can become too annoying and noisy, which is why you’ll need a chance to meditate and express yourself without depending on how many likes you’re going to get. Perhaps you can visit a beautiful place where you can rewrite your goals in life or how your day went. You might think it’s not a productive thing to do, but it can actually help you mentally relax. You can write just about anything you want–no pressure, no comments, no shares. Just you, your pen, and your paper.

  2. Clean.

    pressure washerCleaning is one of the most beneficial chores you can do instead of browsing. You can get your pressure washer from and clean your patio, garage, car, or outdoor walls. Not only will you get rid of dirt; you can also exercise! 

  3. Paint.

    You can also add wall decorations to the dull walls of your house using spray paint and wall stencils. You don’t have to change the color of the walls, adding a few patterns to them could make them look new and more elegant. Plus, it’s a fun activity to do with your loved ones. Rather than spending time on your phone or tablet, why don’t you spend some time with the people around you?

  4. Exercise.

    Browsing your social media will require you to sit or lie down so you could concentrate. However, sitting and lying down all the time isn’t healthy for you. Why don’t you hit the gym or go cycling instead? If you don’t burn those unwanted fats, chances are you’ll be obese with the kind of lifestyle you have.  So, fight obesity and social media addiction with exercise! Pilates exercise

  5. Plant.

    Help Mother Nature by planting more trees. If you can’t plant trees, perhaps you could start gardening at home as an alternative. You won’t only help the environment; you’ll also help yourself because plants can boost your mood. They also make you patient and more caring to nature.