Day: August 26, 2017

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5 Signs of Social Media Addiction

I’m sure you’re aware that aside from drug, cigarette, and alcohol addiction, an individual can also experience social media obsession. But mind you, according to the researchers at Chicago University, social media dependence can be stronger than addiction caused by cigarette and booze.

If you’re growing cannabis now with all the information you got from for recreational use of marijuana, then you know you can be addicted to it. The same goes for social media; using it excessively can also harm you.

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So how do you know you’re addicted? Here are the signs:

You think about it often

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If you use most of your time thinking about how your Facebook or Twitter account is doing, you’re obsessed with social media. It’s the feeling that your day won’t be complete until you check your social media accounts. Thinking about it too much even when you’re supposed to be busy at work or doing something else is a sign of over-dependence.

You keep checking your accounts

Do you always check your accounts whenever you’re bored? Follow-up question: Are you always bored? If you answered “Yes!” to both queries, you’re most likely addicted. If you feel an urge to check your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. more and more, you’re in a dangerous state, mate. It’s like choosing Facebook as your default option whenever you’re free. The worst part is that you check your accounts even if you’re having a conversation with a friend or at a special occasion with family. You’ll also know you’re addicted if you hate being told to stop using social media even just for a while.

You can’t stop posting

It’s the feeling that you’re obliged to share what you’re doing or what’s on your mind. The result is that you overshare. That would mean saying many things through your social media accounts that you invade your own privacy. Oversharing may also lead to regret, especially when you’ve mentioned inappropriate things. So, if you’re posting more than two or three times a day, you’re oversharing. And that’s a sign of addiction.

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You think IT can help you cope up with problems

If you’ve been dependent on Facebook to “forget” your personal issues, then you’re already a slave to social media. When you treat social media as a psychological escape, you’re not really breaking free; you’re just extending the duration of your problem. Instead of finding temporary relaxation by using social media, why don’t you just face your problems immediately and aim for permanent tranquility?

You’re becoming less and less social

If you think your social interaction with your friends on Facebook is sufficient for your social needs, that means addiction has already taken over your life. If you’re becoming more antisocial and more uncomfortable with face-to-face communication, you’re addicted. instagram likesHaving numerous friends on Facebook doesn’t mean you’re more social. In reality, messaging, commenting, and liking can’t be on a par with real-life conversations where you can observe people’s gestures and real-time facial expressions.