Inspiring Ideas on Unplugging

Life in the “digital now”

This talk puts digital dependence on perspective and how it may be influencing the way we see the world.

Need a Digital Detox?

If you are thinking of embarking on some digital detox, this talk shares ideas on fairly simple ways to take control of how you use technology instead of being a slave to it.

The voice of the natural world

A glimpse into the natural world by paying attention to nature’s sounds. Discover how much you can learn about the natural environment by simply listening to its sounds.

Unplug and reboot your creativity

A talk that delves into the perils of digital addiction. And the positive effects of unplugging on creativity.

Unplug & Reconnect: A Nature-rich Future For Our Children

This talk highlights the positive effects of keeping children connected with nature. An insightful take on nature’s capacity to improve people’s wellbeing.